#KGPride 2019-20

Kent Gardens Elementary School's "One & Done" Fundraiser 

Our 2019 Goal: Raise $50,000 in 50 Days

"One & Done" is the main fundraiser at Kent Gardens and it's just like it sounds... You make one contribution and you're done! When you contribute to "One & Done," you help Kent Gardens Elementary remain an exciting, vibrant, and thriving school. Your contribution will help purchase new picnic tables, laptops for students to use, offer teacher training and state-of-the-art educational materials for classrooms, award scholarships so all students can participate in school activities, and purchase supplies our school needs.

In 2018, 33% of Kent Gardens Families Contributed. Please Help Us Achieve At Least 50% Family Participation!  

The suggested contribution is $150 per family but any amount is greatly appreciated. Select one of the existing payment options on the right or click on the large green 'Give' button to enter your own donation amount. When you use PayPal you will be able to pay directly by Credit Card*.


  1. CHECK THE BOX NEXT TO "I AM GIVING ON BEHALF OF" and enter the students' first and last names (include ALL children in the family)

  2. ENTER THE NAMES OF EACH OF THE CHILDREN'S TEACHERS to enter into the class competition

Project by: Kent Gardens PTA



Nov 01, 3:15pm



David Hamel, 3d Grade, Mrs. Loughran and Luke Hamel, 6th Grade, Ms. Hargett


Nov 01, 2:14pm



Brian Bai (on behalf of Grace Bai)

Nov 01, 12:12pm



Mr. Gordon Class

Monique Deely (on behalf of Ryan And Colin Deely)

Nov 01, 11:57am


Kent Gardens Supporter

Mike Stockwell (on behalf of Levi Stockwell)

Nov 01, 7:59am


Kent Gardens Supporter

Sunhwa Lee (on behalf of Yugeon & Yuchan Kim)

Nov 01, 7:31am


Kent Gardens Supporter

Mr. Brock class Ms. Dente class

Kate Dayoub (on behalf of Lexi, Addie, and mey Dayoub)

Oct 31, 6:14pm



Lancer Martin (on behalf of Sean and Seathan Martin)

Oct 31, 11:05am


Kent Gardens Supporter

Karen Shinskie (on behalf of Isaac Shinskie )

Oct 31, 8:02am


Kent Gardens Supporter

Meg Amde (on behalf of Elise-Sabel Amde-Delattre)

Oct 29, 12:13pm


Kent Gardens Supporter

To purchase needed materials for Mr Blake's classroom



209 backers

Kent Gardens Supporter

Example: Purchase handwriting journals used in first and second grade


36 backers

Kent Gardens Friend

Example: Sponsor one KG teacher to purchase needed classroom materials


7 backers

Kent Gardens Champion

Example: Buy new musical instruments (maracas, clave, cymbals)


1 backers

Kent Gardens Visionary

Example: Buy one new laptop for testing, individualized instruction, collaborating with classmates


5 backers

Kent Gardens Superstar

Example: Pay for 1/3 of a set of Lucy Calkins curriculum books, state-of-the-art reading materials proven to greatly enhance literacy outcomes at every reading level


0 backers

Kent Gardens Idol

Example: Upgrade the playground! Pay for part of new playground station


2 backers

Kent Gardens Hero

Example: Support our teachers! Pay for 1/4 of the Summer Reading Institute for 10 Kent Gardens teachers