Ortega Learns Outside

Do you remember the first time you wanted to do something - but it was so out of your comfort zone, so scary, that you almost didn't do it?  Do you remember how good it felt when you accomplished it anyway?

The fifth grade students of Ortega Elementary (a Title I school) really want to go on a two night, over-night school trip in the Texas Hill Country where they would climb ropes courses, kayak in a lake, and learn about astronomy in the great outdoors.  Most of them have never been away from home before.  But, they all really want to see new places and learn new things! The fifth grade students want to challenge themselves, to truly push themselves -  because they know how awesome it would feel to be able to say, "we did that! Even though we were scared!"  At the Outdoor School's Camp for All, they will be able to do this while helping each other, as a team, to accomplish things they have never done or seen before. 

In order for the students to use their learning experiences from Camp for All as an example that can be reflected on all year, they want to go at the beginning of the school year, in September.  Their experiences there will set the bar high for their accomplishments and will serve them as a reminder of what they can do, if they just set their mind to it. 

Unfortunately, it would be very difficult for all the fifth grade students to go if they do not raise $5,000.  They do not want to leave a team mate behind - so please donate to their cause! Help the fifth grade students of Ortega Elementary overcome their fears so they truly know that they can accomplish anything.  Even when it is scary!

Project by: Ortega Elementary School / Alejandra Mireles

Ortega Learns Outside

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