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For over 40 years, PEF has been supporting 17 PVPUSD schools by funding programs and positions that help maintain the reputation of excellence in our Palos Verdes public schools. We all benefit when we invest in the education of young people. (If you have already donated to PEF this school year through another donation site, thank you for your contribution and you do not have to fill out this page!)

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As the world continues to challenge us and change, one thing remains constant. There are few things as important as our children’s education. Now more than ever, we are committed to collectively investing in the lives and futures of our children. Thankfully, we live in a community that values education. You can help make a difference!

Your donation to Peninsula Education Foundation (PEF) supports PVPUSD schools by funding programs and positions that directly affect your child’s quality of education. This funding is essential to providing your child a rich academic environment that is necessary to participate and succeed in the 21st century workforce.

Every donation is appreciated. In order to keep our PVPUSD schools strong and thriving, we have a goal of 100% participation at each school. Thank you for your support!
Peninsula Education Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization
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