Perry Bands Anaheim & Winter Season 2022

The Perry Bands are headed to Anaheim and participating in winter seaon competitive ensembles in Spring 2022! Create enriching life experiences through music education by supporting The Perry Bands as we fund our adventures! Donations can be made directly to individuals or to the program as a whole. Thank you for your support!

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Campaign ends on February 01, 2022 Campaign ended on February 01, 2022

Participation in music education provides students with unique opportunities that they may only get to experience once in their lifetime. Students form bonds and friendships through these shared experiences and they become the most memorable moments of high school. 

Perry Bands Anaheim Trip Highlights:

  • Performance by the L.A. Philharmonic of Gustav Mahler's 7th Symphony at Disney Concert Hall.

  • Adjudicated Music Festival by Prominent Musicians and Educators.

  • Unique Soundtrack Recording Sessions at Disney's Imagination Campus.

  • Fun with Friends at Disneyland!

Perry Bands Winter Season Highlights:

  • Three competitive ensembles Winter Guard, Indoor Percussion Ensemble and Winter Winds.

  • Competitions in both the WGAZ and WGI Circuits

  • Colorguard Trip to San Diego WGI Power Regional

  • Many of our students participate in both the band ensembles and these co-curricular ensembles.

These great experiences come at a cost and it is our goal to reduce these costs by providing individuals the means of raising funds for their trip and activities.

Your donation helps make these experiences possible. A band's performance is dependent on the whole, not the individual.



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Ramona Barrett (on behalf of Brooklynne Barrett)

Shine your star light!

912 days ago
Vaughn Andrew (on behalf of Cayden Heddleston )
913 days ago
Kirk Mathers (on behalf of Alana Kahn)

Melissa Kahn made me do it.

915 days ago
Jane Mchugh (on behalf of Sean Wyatt)
915 days ago
Travis Mattox (on behalf of Alana Kahn )
916 days ago
Travis Mattox (on behalf of Travis Mattox)
916 days ago
DeGroff DeeAnn (on behalf of Brandon Moak )

What a great experience! Enjoy!

918 days ago
Donna Dirksen (on behalf of BRANDON MOAK)

Grandparents supporting our wonderful grandson. Thank you for all you have done for him the last 4 years.

919 days ago
Rachel Garcia (on behalf of Janessa Anisa Garcia)

Love you Anisa!!

919 days ago
Rachel Garcia

Band is a huge part of and positive influence in Anisas life. Have a great trip and a wonderful season!!!

919 days ago
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