Pickle Elementary 5th Grade Field Trip
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Hello my 5th grade team is raising funds to take our students to Fiesta Texas in San Antonio for an end of year field trip. We are also raising money to purchase school t-shirts for them to have. Most of our students have not ever been out of the city of Austin or been to an amusement park. They have been working hard and getting good results in their STAAR preparation tests. This is why would love to take them to a new city like San Antonio and enjoy a new experience with their friends before they go separate ways in Middle School. Our school is a Title 1 school because more than 95% of students on campus come from a low income family. Our entire school is on free lunch. Due to this most of our students cannot afford the ticket price. There are 55 5th graders at our school and we would need about 10 adults to help chaperone, we also are wanting to purchase a meal plan for each person because this would give each kid a meal, snack, and drink. Fiesta Texas has gone cashless which is hard for kids to purchase items. We would greatly appreciate any and all donations that you can give. If we meet our goal it would allow us to take our students on a field trip to Fiesta Texas Six Flags, get them a meal plan, and purchase them a school t-shirt. Thank you very much for your generous donations!

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