Sun Valley High School Women's Soccer

Please help our program raise funds for training gear, meals, senior gifts, and other day to day operations

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$1,200.00 goal
Campaign ends on April 02, 2021 Campaign ended on April 02, 2021

This year has been a very different year due to COVID but we are excited to get started.  We are wanting to raise money for our women's soccer program here at Sun Valley.  The funds that are rasied will help our program purchase items such as training equipment, team gear, and other things to help with our day to day operations.  Also we would like to start putting some funds back to purchase new goals for our program.  

Any amount will be appraciated and used to benifit our players and program.  Without the support of our community the players would not be able to have the experiacne that they have.  So we thank you as a program in advance. 

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Matt Kaplan

Supporting the two greatest soccer players ever named Kaplan!! I love you, #SpartyUncle

902 days ago
Layra Chavez

To help out my sister Carolina Chaves soccer team.

902 days ago
Diane LaMura
903 days ago
Nancy Lane

For Kaitlyn Hicks ⚽️

903 days ago
Alejandro Moreira
904 days ago
Lindsay Hudson-Austin

I played soccer growing up and want to support others to do so!

904 days ago
Michael Croal

Cuz Natalie is cool

904 days ago
Joanne Lane

For my granddaughter,Kaitlyn Hicks.

904 days ago
Pat Brown

Very articulate and friendly young woman ask. Very impressive

904 days ago
Phil Caputo
904 days ago
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