Sun Valley Women's Soccer

Please consider donating to help the Sun Valley Soccer Program to help fund pre-game meals, new equipment and gear for the team! Any donation at all would be greately appreciated by the program. Thank you and Geaux Spartans! 

$3,985.01 donated
$10,000.00 goal
Campaign ends on February 12, 2020 Campaign ended on February 12, 2020
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Please consider donating to the Womens Soccer Program this spring. All money raised will go back to the players/team in the form of pre-game meals and snacks, player gear (to show team and school spirit), new or updated equipment like soccer balls, training equipment, movable goals, ect...

Any assistance you can give will be much appreciated and the Soccer Program and Coaches thank you in advance!

Isabella Kaplan $500.00
Vanessa Saiz $350.00
Madison Grima $340.00
Francesca LaMura $300.00 #4
Emily Stein $300.00 #5
Mia Raymond $240.00 #6
Lani Smetak $225.00 #7
Emma Helms $225.00 #8
Rachel Leiner $155.00 #9
Patricia Barnes $152.00 #10
Morgan Schooley $150.00 #11
Abigail Keller $140.00 #12
Melanie Rojas $130.00 #13
Sarah Striffler $130.00 #14
Hailey Valenti $120.00 #15
Natalie Croal $101.01 #16
Kassidy Whitenight $100.00 #17
Rilie Russell $100.00 #18
Karla Artolozaga $85.00 #19
Samantha Castello $50.00 #20
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Jacob Rosamofsky
Sun Valley Shield
1564 days ago
Kristy Smith
Spartan Strong
1567 days ago
Rachel Bechard
1568 days ago
Jerilyn Benham

To give my niece Hailey support

1570 days ago
Ana Palacios
1570 days ago
Jill and Doris (Mommom) Valenti

Good luck Hailey Love Jill and Mommom

1575 days ago
Elaine Crook
1578 days ago
Michael Buenau
1578 days ago
Carson Poore
Spartan Strong
1578 days ago
Ashley Benham
Spartan Strong
1578 days ago
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