Support Schaumburg High School Cheer This Year!

Schaumburg HS cheerleading is a program made up of dedicated athletes and coaches looking to raise funds to support the many different costs associated with the upcoming year!

$8,472.76 donated
$8,000.00 goal
Campaign ends on September 27, 2019 Campaign ended on September 27, 2019
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The Schaumburg High School Cheerleading program is made up of dedicated athletes and coaches looking to develop well-rounded young adults through team and individual experiences.  Your donations help provide team building opportunities to build trust, custom music, entertaining choreography, and team gear that athletes keep. In addition to your donations helping provide these things for our athletes, they ensure that finances never prohibit an athlete from being a part of our program. 

Last year funds helped us provide new experiences including new workouts, a championship-minded clinic, choreography upgrades, etc. The result was the team achieving their goal of qualifying for the IHSA state cheer tournament.

Check out a testament below:

"I think the money we raised last year helped our entire program (athletes and coaches) to better their craft. We worked with a new choreographer, had multiple clinics to develop our team culture, and the coaches set up many fun opportunities for us to grow as a team. I was very proud when we qualified for the state competition again. It was definitely because of the new experiences we'd had. I never had to worry about finding the money to pay for anything and that was a big weight off my shoulders."

Please consider helping us spread the word through social media, email, etc.

Ameera $1300.00
Molly $800.00
Coach (Gbur, Ciolli, Belcaster, Bailey, Nehrke) $715.00
Gianna J. $575.00 #4
Avree & Teagan $500.00 #5
Jess & Dannie $455.00 #6
Lauryn $385.00 #7
Analisa $385.00 #8
Kylie $300.00 #9
Paige $295.00 #10
Selena $270.00 #11
Emme $260.00 #12
Deja $215.00 #13
Alyssa V $200.00 #14
Anna $200.00 #15
Alyssa R $200.00 #16
Layla $160.00 #17
Shannon $150.00 #18
Carlee $150.00 #19
Jazmin $150.00 #20
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Tim Rowley

Proud of you always! - Dad

Cover Miscellaneous Costs
1700 days ago
Tracy Rowley

Supporting what you LOVE to do!

Cover Miscellaneous Costs
1700 days ago
Derrick Coleman-Turner
Help Cover Warmups
1700 days ago
Travelle Stewart jr.
Provide Practice Gear
1700 days ago
Dante Glover
Provide Practice Gear
1701 days ago
Brandy Wilson

Supporting my daughter Ameera and the SHS cheer team! Good luck on reaching your goal!

Help Cover Warmups
1701 days ago
Celestine Murray

Supporting my beautiful granddaughter Ameera! Love yani!

Provide a Team Building Experience
1701 days ago
Sandra E

In support of Ameera

Provide Practice Gear
1701 days ago
Reginald Bradford

For Ameera from Uncle Reggie

Provide Practice Gear
1701 days ago
John Flanagan

Avuncular Generosity

Send an Athlete to Camp
1701 days ago
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