Support Schaumburg High School Volleyball

The Schaumburg High School volleyball program is looking for your support this season to help our dedicated athletes reach our fundarising goal.  

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The Schaumburg Volleyball program is looking forward to a season full of hard work, team building experiences, and opportunities that will lead to growth on and off the court.  Your donations will help provide team dinners to facilitate positive relationships between athletes on all teams within the program.  The funds will also help pay for spirit wear for the players, Senior Night gifts, and other gear that the athletes will use throughout their four years.  The girls and coaches greatly appreciate any type of donation you are willing to make.

Izzy Mishler $1425.00
Ella Oakley $500.00
Kate Routhowski $430.00
Olivia Fortuna $400.00 #4
Sophia Dietz $325.00 #5
Alexa Evans $250.00 #6
Eden Kusiak $240.00 #7
Victoria Villegas $215.00 #8
Camryn Dussel $200.00 #9
Kennedy Apple $200.00 #10
Abby Greenberg $200.00 #11
Nora Smith $175.00 #12
Katie Poldek $175.00 #13
Hailey Schultz $175.00 #14
Taite Milner $170.00 #15
Kaileen Alimorong $165.00 #16
Brooke Grelyak $150.00 #17
Sanaa Ahmed $150.00 #18
Morgan Cosman $145.00 #19
Paige McGraw $110.00 #20
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Tracy Bencal

We love volleyball & more importantly love helping a program that will offer more opportunities to such an amazing group of girls!

362 days ago
362 days ago
Marlene Routhowski

I love my granddaughter Kate. Kid's need to do more of this type of activity.

363 days ago
Eric Madison
363 days ago
Judy Huffnus

To help kids have the best time in high school while learning to become responsible adults.

363 days ago
364 days ago
Robert Villegas
364 days ago
Marcelle Stickles
364 days ago
Terri Schultz
369 days ago
370 days ago
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