YWLA Destination Imagination Team "So Fly" Calendar Fundraiser
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$5,000.00 goal
Campaign ends on December 31, 2022 Campaign ended on December 31, 2022

Thank you for considering donating to our wonderful Destination Imagination team "So Fly"!  These girls are absolutely amazing and I can't wait to see how far they go this year!  We are aiming to go back to Globals this year and this fundraiser will help with travel expenses to get there.  Thank you so much for your help! 

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Toni Pettit

For Katie I donate $28.00

62 days ago
Halston Mccalla

Lauren Ramos from Mrs. Kimberly and family.

69 days ago
Amy Hearne

Lauren Ramos 27

69 days ago
Heather Martinez

Lauren Ramos square 12

69 days ago
Kelly Mattimoe

The 29th for Katie

69 days ago
Kelly Mattimoe

For Katie I did the 31st.

69 days ago
Kelly E

Lauren Ramos Block 11

69 days ago
Morgan Russell

For Lauren Ramos

69 days ago
Matthew Retzer

Epic Aero Group LLC. for cora retzer

70 days ago
Halston Mccalla

Lauren Ramos From JJ and Mac

70 days ago
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