ASFS Science Lab

To upgrade the Arlington Science Focus School Science lab in order to create a state-of-the-art, cutting-edge science and technology teaching facility; and to promote excellence in STEM at the primary education level.

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Arlington Science Focus School (ASFS) is a public elementary school located in Arlington, VA, just a stone's throw from Washington, DC.  The ASFS curriculum is designed to develop an extensive understanding of science content and process through inquiry-based learning. Students embark on exciting adventures each day where science content is used as the catalyst to teach all subject areas by using natural inquiry to develop students' thinking skills for analyzing, reflecting, problem-solving, and hypothesizing.  Students participate in hands-on, activities dealing with ecology, biology, geology, zoology, physics, astronomy, and chemistry that are directly correlated to the Virginia Standards of Learning.

With an exceedingly high demand for young professionals with science and technology backgrounds, this project aims to create the ultimate science classroom environment complete with state-of-the-art technology, eco-friendly building materials, and nature-inspired aesthetics designed to provoke, cultivate, and foster life-long student interest in science.

All contributions will go directly to the renovation and refurbishment of the existing science lab.  New state-of-the-art equipment and materials will help engage young children's interest and love for the sciences.

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Julie Durr

ASFS is truly one in a million and I am grateful I was able to experience it as a teacher. I know it will continue to provide children with amazing educational experiences for many years to come!

3305 days ago
Lowes Inc.
3305 days ago
Thales Inc.
3305 days ago
Colvin & Mary Ellen Matheson

Emma, Margot and Lochlan Matheson have loved their time with ASFS!

3319 days ago
CenturyLink Wholesale Lynn Smullen-Volz

Support of children and education in our local communities.

3344 days ago
Elise and Torge Gerlach
3356 days ago
Elizabeth Haddad
3373 days ago
A. Hunter and Amy Hodges
3374 days ago
Bill and Michelle Brydges

to complete the mission!

3377 days ago
Amy and Rufus Decker

Our boys love science

3377 days ago
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